customer benefits

At this time, these benefits are available to residential deliveries within Karachi only.

We understand that purchasing furniture involves a significant investment of both time and money.

Once you have selected that perfect piece and brought it home, you should be able to enjoy it for a long time to come.

Future Proof Factors mentioned below aim to achieve just that.

futureproof factors included with your purchase

One Year Warranty

Our sofas frames are made of solid wood and for the seats, high resilience foam is used. However, as with any handcrafted product, there may be the odd issue that may arise. Don't worry. We have you covered.

All furniture products come with one year warranty on workmanship and parts used in making the finished product, however, any damage caused due to negligence, abuse or related to regular wear and tear is not covered.

First Year Fabric Protection Plan

Accidents happen. What if tea spills on your brand new sofa? What about pomegranate juice? How do you recover from that? Have pets in the house? House is full of energetic kids doing what kids do?

There are a lot of ways the fabric of your brand new sofa, chair or pouf can get damaged. If such an event occurs, Seats will collect the affected piece, re-upholster it, and deliver it to you - all free of cost. You will only pay for the fabric.

Product Refresh / Repair

Wear and tear damage from continued use is unavoidable and, in most cases, not a cause for concern as it does not take anything away from enjoying the furniture piece.

However, should you feel the need to refresh your furniture (foam has gone a little soft, little touchups required here and there) with a special occasion approaching (wedding, eid etc.), or for whatever reason, we will take care of it on a priority basis at low cost for upholstered products bought from Seats.

Re-upholstery Service 

Should you feel the need to change the look of any existing upholstered piece by replacing the fabric with a different one, we will take care of it on a priority basis at low cost for all Seats bought products.

Products bought from other vendors may incur additional charges which will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Free inspection visits are available to Seats customers. For additional details visit: /upholstery-service (link opens in new window).

To avail any of the Future Proof benefits, visit our outlet at Dolmen Mall, Clifton or email us at:

Added Value

Additional value available to you when you buy from Seats. Please provide email address at the time of purchase as some of these offers will reach you via email.

Free Shipping

Free shipping up to the 5th floor for residential deliveries. Beyond the 5th floor: Rs.2000 fixed cost. For additional information on shipping costs, please visit: /pages/delivery-returns

Free Inspection Visits

If product gets damaged during regular use or something about the product just does not feel right, get in touch with us and we will send someone over asap.

Special Offers

You will be informed about on-going promotions via email and will get to enjoy special offers available to our customers only.

Test Drive Products

Only customers who wish to participate will get to test-drive new products in return for their feedback. You could be one of them. Should they then decide to keep these products they will be charged greatly reduced rates.

Service Coupons 

Our customers will receive service coupons from time to time, mostly via email, which will enable them to book layouts / measurement visits / product refresh / reupholstery service at discounted rates.

Service Coupons will be available soon to future customers.

Access to Hidden Content

From time to time, we will be sharing additional content via email; furniture designs, space layouts, decorating tips and other helpful resources with our customers.

Should you require our assistance at any time or would like clarification on any of the Future Proof Factors or Value Added services mentioned above, please feel free to email us at: