layout | measurement service

Visit our outlet at Dolmen Mall, Clifton, Karachi to book either of these services.

Available for residential addresses within Karachi Only.

For commercial visits, please feel free to email us at:

layout service

Starting from Rs. 2000 (Adjustable)

  • Rs. 2000 for first enclosed space. Rs. 1000 per additional enclosed space.
  • Coupon with a 3 month expiry will be provided by our staff, when they visit your home, holding the value of the total amount paid.
  • Amount in the coupon will be adjusted against any furniture orders placed before coupon expires.
  • Up to 3 variations in layout allowed per space at no additional cost.
  • Coupon is transferable. If you have no need for it, feel free to gift it to friends and family.

Measurement Service

free (for limited time only)

  • Not sure whether sofa will fit or not? For an L-Unit, how many seats can be managed in your space? Will there be room left over for an ottoman? Will there be sufficient walkthrough space between the sofa and the coffee table?

    If these are the some of the questions you are struggling with, make sure to book an appointment with us when you visit Seats.