Upholstery Service

Please note that until March 2020, this service is limited to products purchased from Seats.

Does the fabric of your furniture look tired or worn out?

Your cat loves your lounge chair more than you do and it shows?


You would rather refresh an old sofa that you are happy with than get a new one.

Change the fabric of your sofa, chair, pouf, stool or any upholstered piece that needs a fresh start.


Visit fabric selection page (link opens in new window) to select fabric and enter fabric code in the form below and submit the form. Clicking on the button below will launch the form. Our staff will bring the fabric cuttings (noted in the form) with them when they make their inspection visit.


Free inspection visit and upholstery service offered to all Seats customers (within Karachi) & additionally for non-customers residing within Clifton, DHA, PECHS & KDA. Exceptions can be made for non-customers residing in other areas of Karachi on a case-by-case basis. Please submit the form below & we will let you know.


After inspection you will be provided with costs related to upholstery. Once you agree, furniture will be collected, upholstered & delivered asap.

Cost estimate

Cost will be provided after inspection is complete. Products displayed below will give you an idea of the costs involved but these will vary from product-to-product based on the amount of fabric being used, design complexity of the furniture being upholstered among other things.

Upholstery costs mentioned below include the cost of fabric, stitching, labor, and pick & drop charges.

3 Seater Sofa

Charges mentioned below are for standard upholstery for this kind of sofa. Rs.8000 - 10000 per seat.

3 Seater With Wooden Base

Standard upholstery charges for this kind of sofa would be in the range of Rs.7000 - 9000 per seat. Less fabric is being used which is reflected in the slightly lower cost per seat.

Partially Upholstered Chair

The above chair has fabric both on the back and the seat but some chairs have upholstered seats only and therefore costs can vary. Rs.2500 - 4000.

Fully Upholstered Chair

Fully upholstered chairs require additional fabric especially if loose cushions are involved and upholstery on chairs like this one is generally labor intensive as well. Rs.6000 - 9000.

Standard Pouf

Standard poufs and benches could cost between Rs. 2500 - 4500.

Large Poufs / Ottoman

Pouf shown above has a lid that opens, is labor intensive and is larger than a regular pouf. Larger poufs and ottomans require additional fabric as well. Rs.5000 - 8000.

So, if you have ANY upholstered piece that needs a fresh start, click on the button below, fill in and submit the form to request your FREE inspection visit.

If you have any queries regarding our upholstery service, please do email us at help@seats.pk

Please note that until March 2020, this service is limited to products purchased from Seats.